BFF Or Die dostane chytne pozornost na Square Enix Collective

Honey Tribe Studios ' BFF nebo Die se podařilo projít fází Steam Greenlight a nyní ji na příští měsíc upozorňuje Square Enix na jejich Collective.

The game is a multiplayer cooperative title where one player has to shine a light on a small maze while the other player has to navigate through the maze and get to the exit. It sounds simple right? Well, you have to deal with the fact that the maze is completely dark and you won’t be able to see anything unless the player in the machine shines the light on the maze. What’s more is that there are various enemies roaming around trying to kill the players in the maze, so it requires some serious teamwork to overcome the challenges in each level.

The game doesn’t just see one player walking through the maze and the other directing a spotlight, it also sports special power-ups so the player in the contraption can utilize things like an anti-gravity power-up to help the other player(s) hop the maze walls, or use a grabber to pick up and place the other player(s) somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.

Můžete vidět, jak hra se hraje s níže uvedeným přívěsu.

Being featured on the Collective grants Honey Tribe Studios a lot of eyes on the page and just as many eyes on their game. This also helps them build momentum towards the game’s release on PC, a nakonec na PlayStation 4 a Xbox Jeden.

To se jeví jako dost unikátní názvem co-op, že to bude opravdu dát přátelství zkoušce zvažuje, že každá úroveň bude naprostý úspěch či neúspěch na základě množství týmové práce z dotčených subjektů.

Of course, just talking about the game being on the Square Enix Collective doesn’t make gamers want to play it. However, your mind might be altered trying out the game’s free demo, which sports a single-player mode, a cooperative mode for up to four players, as well as 35 different playable levels.

Zde si můžete stáhnout BFF nebo Die demo z roku zrovna tady.

There’s no release date set for the game yet, but with the proper resources they plan on adding in different level themes, dynamic audio, a fully fleshed out story mode, as well as online multiplayer in addition to the local co-op already in the game.

Můžete se dozvědět více o BFF nebo zemřít odhlašování celou stránku přes na Square Enix Kolektivní.