Společnost Monster Sweeperz přistane na iOS a Android

4:33 Kreativní laboratoř Monster Sweeperz je akční arkádová střílečka pro mobilní zařízení. Hra byla nedávno spuštěna v obchodě Google Play a v aplikaci iTunes.

The title sees players collecting and combining more than 400 different monsters, teaming them up as they battle against the forces of the undead on top of a giant battle tank. The concept of the game is kind of crazy, but it’s essentially a shooter with some light RPG elements. You can briefly see what the game looks like with the trailer below, courtesy of MMO Culture.

Hra obsahuje více než 100 různých úrovní, které můžete dobýt, spolu s různými upgrady odemknout. Hru lze také hrát online s ostatními hráči za účelem spolupráce.

Youngho Park, CEO of 4:33 Creative Lab commented about the release of the game, saying…

“Monster Sweeperz is heading to US mobile gamers after the overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s been receiving in Asian markets,” […] “It’s definitely a creative, fun and unique take on the arcade shooter genre. We have incorporated lively character design and RPG elements to appeal to many different types of gamers. It should turn some heads once people get their hands – or fingers – on it.”

Umělecká díla určitě mohou otočit některé hlavy.

In fact, I’m a little curious how well their game will do on the Google Play and iTunes app stores following both companies cracking down on another South Korean developer who featured fan-service in their game… a game called Dragon Heroes. Pati Games Corp byl nucen cenzurovat ženy v jejich hře, aby to bylo chutnější pro distributory app store, kteří se cítili, jako by štěpení a holá stehna byla nepřijatelná.

Bez ohledu na cenzuru, Monster Sweeperz has already launched with quite a bit of positive feedback on the Google Play store. So if you’re looking to check out the free-to-play app you can do so right now. For more information about the game, feel free to check out 4:33 Creative Lab’s official website.