Nezávislé GreenLight Herní stezky Azra Hit parní Early Access srpna 1st

Kdysi jsme pokryli indie hru hledá hlasování o Steam GreenLight nazvaný Stopy Azra. Vyvinutý malý tým Onion Core, své hry, Stopy Azra, úspěšně prošly požadavky Greenlight a brzy budou hratelné PC prostřednictvím služby Steam Early Access v srpnu 1st.

It’s nice to see an indie game rise up and move beyond the Greenlight testing grounds. However it’s also nice to see devs holding true to their promise of shipping out a functional game. Although Onion Core’s game could use a bit more graphical polishing, the overall concept of psychically controlling enemies, and platforming sounds pretty solid for a small project.

Additionally, I know a game could use more than just the aforesaid, but all-in-all, I think the devs put together an interesting looking game that seems to channel that old-school lost kid with his dog feel. Trails Of Azra’s description sits below detailing what folks can expect:

“Sam was, in all appearances, just a regular kid who liked to play with his dog and drink chocolate milk at 4:00 PM. But that doomed day, the sky turned red, wind was blowing hard, lightning struck, and Sam was sucked into a mysterious castle. With no more than a cryptic guide, and some newly discovered powers, he has to find his way out of there.”


“Play as Sam. A kid that controls the dead! Defeat your enemies with magic and control their bodies to solve challenging puzzles.”

I should mention that the trailer I’m about to show you is quite old. The devs did not update their official YouTube kanál s novým videem, ani oni dělají totéž se stránkou Early Access Steam. S tím řekl, můžete sledovat staré původní GreenLight přívěs.

Stopy Azra bude debutovat na PC srpna 1st, který bude přístupný prostřednictvím Parní Early Access, Pro více informací o této hře si můžete hit up