Král bojovníků XIV Tým K 'Trailer Showcases Revamped Maxima

Král bojovníků XIV

Při vydání bojovníků přívěsem Team Women včera Král bojovníků XIV, SNK also released a new trailer for Team K’ as well. The only problem is that most people ignored K’ and his two NEST teammates because they were too busy focused on the newcomer in Alicia and the two vets on the Women Fighters team. But don’t worry… we didn’t forget about the leather-clad bad boy from NEST.

The trailer is set to the in-game tune of “KD-SR”. The trailer starts with K’, whipping and beating Kyo with his typical street-fighting, punk-style fighting tactics. You can check that out below.

Not much has changed with K’, other than his leather getup getting a slight upgrade. A few new designs are now present as he punches and kicks his way to victory (or defeat).

Kula trvá na dalším stupni, s využitím její diamantové ledu pravomoci zmrazit a soupeři combo rovnou do kouta. Její pohyby jsou stále velmi připomínající jejích časnějších dnů v King of Fighters Během výchozích aughts. Její princezna podobný předení točit combo, který spojuje do jejích ledových hrotů je stále přítomen, spolu s jejím Super slevy, které mrazí soupeře v obří bloku ledu.

The most improved and most visibly changed character out of Team K’ is obviously Maxima. He not only has a really cool cybernetically enhanced suit, but his combos are a lot more focused, a lot faster and a lot more devastating than his previous appearances in the King of Fighters. You can tell SNK went back to the drawing board and really found a way to bring Maxima’s skills to life for this iteration of the King of Fighters.

Maxima has a number of brand new linking combos, including specials that link into grab moves, and supers that are a lot more dynamic than they used to be. I don’t know if I would say he’s become top tier, not until I see more footage, but he has that Iron Man repulsor thing going on that really helps separate him from when the Canadian brawler first debut in the series alongside K’.

Můžete se podívat, jak dostat své ruce na Král bojovníků XIV od 23. srpna pro PlayStation 4, and if you’re a little unsure about the game you can always grab the demo from the PlayStation Store.