Xbox Zakladatel Seamus Blackley vysvětluje, proč Scalebound musel skončit

Byli jste mezi davem fanoušků, kteří byli zklamáni Scalebound zánik, když byl zrušen? Seamus Blackley, zakladatel a tvůrce originálu Xbox vysvětluje, co se stalo.

V rozhovoru s Vnitřní kruh podcast, Seamus Blackley talks about how disappointing it was to hear that měřítko Bound was canceled, joking that he “hated” Phil Spencer for ending the game before it was released. He shifted the conversation off of consoles and transitioned to a new topic to cryptically talk about Scalebound zrušení.

“I have a question for you guys, Phil has taken a lot of heat for a lot of first party cancellations, and there was one that was very near and dear to my heart that got canceled that I shall not name, but you can probably guess. I mean,  what do you guys think of that? What are people saying about that? “

The Inner Circle team responded —

“It was Brutal, I was probably one of the first people to tweet Phil.”

A to udělal. Zde jsou dotazy týkající se tweets. Klepnutím na níže uvedené Tweety můžete také přečíst všechny následné odpovědi od komunity.

The reason why The Inner Circle team found it so disappointing was because the Xbox One doesn’t have a long list of awesome RPG titles, and měřítko Bound was doing something pretty different from what we usually see. Blackley went on to explain why Phil had to do what he did and make the tough call, saying…

“Well, I mean look. Also, You’ve got to put yourself in Phil’s position. [….]


“If Scalebound was gonna fail and it wasn’t looking good and builds weren’t getting any better, then that’s Phil’s credibility. So if Phil says ‘No We’re not canceling it’, right? And the Microsoft executives and board of directors and people are looking over his shoulder because he has a lot of bosses, right? Now, he’s F*cked On Credibility. Right?


“If it keeps on not working out, then all the other stuff  he believes in that he’s trying to keep alive, he loses his ability to do that too.”

Dokonce se zmíní Žádný člověk má Sky and how bad that burned him to the point that even after the developers patched the game, he’ll never go back to it because the developer’s lost all their credibility.

Blackley goes on to explain how if Phil Spencer had pushed for a game that wasn’t moving along in development the way they had planned and he continued to push the game towards release, his credibility at Microsoft would be on the line, and all future titles he wants greenlit for Xbox would have a very difficult time moving forward once his credibility was lost.

Takže místo toho, aby riskoval zahájení hry, která by mohla způsobit katastrofu a být velkým zklamáním, namísto toho učinil tvrdé výkonné rozhodnutí, že projekt zcela zruší.

In turn, Spencer saves his credibility and can use his influence to push for other games and get other companies funding for bigger and better projects. As Spencer points out in his above tweet,  they are confident with their 2017 lineup, so hopefully, they’ll have something amazing to show us at this upcoming E3 2017 that won’t be a major let down.

Můžete poslouchat celý podcast jak mluví o historii Xboxu, a pak se dostanou na další aktuální události. Ale pokud chcete skočit rovnou do měřítko Bound přejděte na značku 45: 40 a poslouchejte odtud.