Punch Planet odhalit příběhy Showcase Tyara a nové funkce

Punch Planet started on Steam Greenlight and has since transformed significantly over time. As of now, indie devs Sector-K has released some new videos showing a very well received character by fans named Tyara, as well as highlight some of the other features in the fighting game, Punch Planet.

Well, before SJWs huff and puff over Tyara’s outfit, which by the way a lot of people are currently asking the devs for concept art and if it’s okay to make fan art of her galactic assets, Sector-K has another video for you to look over. The first video reveals the latest features in a highlight reel, condensed down to a one minute and 26 second long package.

Next up comes the latest teaser trailer revealing a character that was shown at the start of Punch Planet’s Greenlight introductory, which is Tyara. I should note that the footage below is pre-Alpha footage. the devs behind the game noted that sounds and special effects are currently early in development and not finished yet. In other words, the content in the video below is subject to change as it is in pre-Alpha and consists of placeholder assets at the moment.

Díky Punch Planet‘s YouTube channel, you can watch the latest trailer below.

Pokud nevíte, Punch Planet is a pure indie title made from scratch, and to be a product of Steam Greenlight I have to say that the game is shaping up nicely. A lot of Greenlight games were made to either troll or the devs behind the games did not have the money or tools to make polished games, and seeing that Punch Planet is contrary to both examples makes it something that stands out from other titles that were once on the now dead platform.

Punch Planet currently has no release date, however the game is set to release for PC. Additional information on Punch Planet lze nalézt v průběhu dne punchplanet.com.

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