Nepravda 2 Fighter Pack 2 Trailer odhalí Hellboy

Nečinnost 2 Hellboy

Nyní je tu postava, kterou jsem absolutně neviděl přicházet. Druhý hlavní balíček DLC pro nespravedlnost 2 je na cestě a obsahuje Black Manta, Raiden z Mortal Kombat a Hellboy… od Hellboy.

There’s a minute long trailer that teases gamers with the revelation of these characters joining the nespravedlnost 2 vesmíru a můžete si je prohlédnout níže.

The trailer starts with Red Hood on the ground, followed by Sub-Zero getting zapped like a bug on a light during a summer time night. We then get to see Raiden step into the picture, who attempts to zap Black Mantis. The Mantis fires off a salvo at Raiden but Hellboy manages to get a hold of one of the rockets and uses it to light his cigar. It’s brilliant.

I honestly did not expect to see Hellboy join the cast of characters in the game, but he’s a welcome addition no doubt.

Some of the fans on the YouTube comment section weren’t all that thrilled about the addition of Raiden because they want to keep the Mortal Kombat znaky v Mortal Kombata DC znaky v DC.

Určitě bych nahradil Raiden se Spawnem, protože to by bylo docela úžasné mix-up, aby Hellboy šel head-to-head s Spawn.

Každopádně, nespravedlnost 2 kind of fizzled out after having a strong release. It had a moderate showing at this year’s EVO, but a lot of the hype was buried under the news about Street Fighter V vysílání na ESPN.

The trailer mistakenly says that the characters will be revealed via live-stream on May 27th, but that day is long gone. I imagine the gameplay for the characters will arrive sometime in late summer, early fall… maybe?

The Fighter Pack 2 will be available for anyone who purchased the season pass, otherwise you’ll have to pay separately to add Black Mantis, Raiden and Hellboy to your game.