Fair Deal: Las Vegas vezme hráče zpět do 1986 s retro-side scrolling akcí
Fair Deal Las Vegas

Gronzraguer Games’ Fair Deal Las Vegas is a throwback side-scroller that attempts to take the gore and excess from the 1980s and combine it with a gritty story about a corrupt ex-cop on a journey of vengeance against the mobsters who ruined his life.

The game recently came out and is currently available for just $8.99. The single-player adventure follows Paul Riggs, a dirty ex-cop from Detroit, Michigan who decides to fly out to Les Vegas, Nevada to take down the mob that ruined his life.

The side-scrolling shooter is a throwback to classic beat-’em-up games and violent shooters like Robocop vs The Terminator a Rygar. It’s also complimented with a rocking synth soundtrack put together by notable retrowave artists such as Robert Parker, Miami Nights 1984, Daniel Deluxe, and Alex and Zero Chaotic.

Můžete si vyzkoušet spouštěcí trailer níže, abyste získali představu o tom, jaká je hra.

The game sees players taking on a number of enemies, much like the classic arcade title Vendeta. This includes trading bullets with cops, shooting dogs in the face, and taking out mafia members in classic movie-style hotel shootouts.

There are a veriety of weapons to acquire, including different types of shotguns, machine guns, and even miniguns.

There are five different hand-crafted levels to battle through, and a number of challenging bosses to take down. It’s like a cross between Capcom’s The Punisher & Nick Fury a Hotline Miami. The pop-cultural influences from movies like Špinavost a To Live And Die In L.A., also seem pretty evident, which should help sink players into the atmosphere.

The animations are kind of stiff and I wish the main character moved a bit more fluidly, but if you’re in need of a masculine shooting game with a badass main character, you can pick up Fair Deal z více než na Parní store.

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