Úřad Freakout je hra postavená pro měšťácký pracujících Američanů

Do you work a 9 to 5? Do you hate being trapped behind the desk, crunching numbers, typing up reports, doing the daily grind for what feels like eternity just to go home, get a couple hours of sleep, eat a microwave meal, watch some crappy sub-HD show because Comcast is a piece of crap and won’t let you watch HD programming without paying a freaking arm and a leg, and then you have to hear from your ball-and-chain ex about how much of a pain you are while denying you visitation rights to your kids on the weekend?

Well, if you answered “Yes!” with the kind of emphatic gestures, middle-fingers to the screen and vocal nastiness that encompasses the rage pent up in that ever-growing ulcer of yours, then you might enjoy Hollow Robot’s rage-releasing, office rampage game called Úřad Freakout. pokračovat ve čtení “Office Freakout Is A Game Built For Middle-Class Working Americans”